Are You looking at SEO All Wrong?

Many organisations still don’t believe in the benefits of SEO or its validity as a marketing strategy. They see it as a sunken cost without being able to measure real ROI. But the fact is more and more people are searching for products and services through search engines. According to Smart Insights, over 6.5 billion online searches are conducted worldwide every year, with Google responsible for the overriding majority. This number is set to grow in the coming years as online and internet capabilities constantly increase. If your organisation can manage to direct only a small percentage of this traffic to your website, it will gain enough exposure to be successful. To get on board, business owners will have to change how they perceive SEO.

SEO needs to be looked at as an investment rather than a just another cost. With traditional advertising or marketing (off-line) you would pay for an advert to be placed or shown a limited number of times. It is seen as an expense through the ordinary course of business. Your reach will also be limited, depending on what a person watches on TV, which magazines and newspapers they buy to read or even where they live.

Through utilising SEO you tap into the internet’s much broader audience. It’s also much cheaper than traditional marketing. This is for two reasons; one, SEO marketing doesn’t require as many resources to produce high quality information or advertising, secondly, once you pay for an SEO article or campaign and it gets published on the internet, it’s not going to get taken away or be removed after a certain amount of time has passed. So you don’t have to pay again to promote the same product or service.

This is also why SEO has to be looked at as an investment. You pay an amount now to see continued future growth. Yes, SEO is constantly changing and what worked just a few years ago won’t give you the same results in today’s online world. But getting the best SEO advice and making the right improvements to existing projects should be enough to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithms.

Another area business owners struggle with is that they can’t determine the immediate benefits of implementing an SEO strategy. However there are ways in which you can measure the ROI. To do that you need to understand how search engine optimization works and what the purpose of it is. Search Engine Land describes it as “the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines”. That means the better the implementation of SEO strategies, the higher you will rank on search engine result pages and the more traffic will be directed to your web page. This will increase traffic, clients and potentially sales and so boost your ROI.

SEO and search engine marketing is constantly evolving but it is here to stay. The good news is that there are tons of free resources available online that can get you started. And if you do decide to invest in a SEO marketing campaign it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The important thing is that you don’t brush it aside as irrelevant because you risk falling behind the times and limiting your business’s potential for growth.