Marketing Yourself to Potential Employers

Finding your ideal job in the current market is not the same as it used to be. Factors such as economy and increased competition means a lot more thought has to be put into how you position yourself for potential employers to notice you. It can be quite daunting and a lot of job seekers are put off by the process but if you put in the effort to market yourself effectively you will find that recruiters will rapidly come knocking on your door.

To stand out from the crowd you have to consider your personal brand. What are you advertising and how are you promoting yourself? You need to showcase your skills and make it clear to prospective organisations how you will add value if they hire you. Before you get to the interview stage your CV is the only chance to make that all important first impression. A professionally written CV is therefore not optional but an absolute must! Too many candidates overlook this but CV writing companies like Purple CV know how the market works, including what hiring personnel look for in applicants. In addition they offer much more than just purely writing your CV. They give invaluable advice on how to market yourself, what skills or experience to highlight and what information might be irrelevant, how to maximise your hit rate and what layout to use.

Saying that, a professional looking CV will only get your foot in the door. You need to continue to promote yourself throughout the interview process. This is an aspect that many candidates fail in as they struggle to successfully market themselves in the interview room. Developing your personal career brand is easier said than done. As surprising as it might sound, boasting about your skills and selling yourself in person doesn’t come naturally to everybody.

The answer to this is preparation. A popular interview technique is to prepare for difficult questions beforehand so that you don’t get stuck when you’re put on the spot in an interview room. This will endorse your brand and show the interviewer that one, you are taking the process seriously and took the time to prepare yourself and two; you are calm and coherent under pressure. These are important, marketable traits that will set you up in a good position to get hired.

Another area to consider is how your skills fit in with what is required for the role. Candidates often just apply for any job at random without thinking beyond earning an income. You need to market yourself in such a way that it’s tailored to the role you are applying for. Employers can spot the “general” applicant from a mile away and it’s a sure way to get your CV pushed to the bottom of the pile. Slight tweaks in your CV to highlight your skills in a different way to bring it in line with the role you are applying for can make all the difference.

To look for a new job is not always the most exciting process but by marketing yourself in the right way, putting the effort in to prepare and making slight adjustments will make you more effective in your job search and set you apart from the competition.

If you need it this video from Bruno will give you a bit more inspiration…